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Just good things for your pet

The Wholistic Pet™, and Wholistic Organics™ is your source of naturally healthy, holistic and organic pet products. They specialize in premium, organic pet nutritional supplements.

Bravo provides the foundation food for your dog or cat. Using only USDA-approved ingredients, Bravo! has taken raw or BARF (Bones And Raw Food) feeding to a new level.

Stella & Chewy's is an all-natural, raw, frozen-fresh and freeze-fried pet food, made exclusively from human-grade free-range meats, ground bones, and fresh organic vegetables. We know that pets fed fresh, natural foods have healthier immune systems and live longer lives, so we are committed to providing a wholesome alternative to regular, processed pet food.

The Honest Kitchen makes natural, delicious, dehydrated raw dog food. These tasty foods combine the wholesomeness of a home made diet with the convenience of an easy-to-prepare, scientifically balanced blend. They are 100%human grade dog food and our commitment is to the absolute highest quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures.

Dr. Harvey’s philosophy is to provide the finest all natural products for animals available anywhere.

We are dedicated to educating guardians of companion animals and our customers about the benefits of

holistic ways to keep their companion animals healthy. Our utmost desire is to keep our customers and

their companion animals happy and healthy. Our company is also dedicated to the rescue of animals and

we help to support organizations that make the rescue and shelter of animals possible.

Canz makes all natural all meat treats for dogs and cats. No fillers, all farm raised grass fed New Zealand meats.

Wet Noses is a  natural dog food company committed to providing healthy food for the pets of today's world.


K-9 Kraving is the first and only USDA Certified, natural, raw diet complete with added vitamins and minerals for your dog’s everyday needs, for all life stages.  K-9 Kraving products contains a healthy selection of Free Range Bison, Free Range Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Mackerel, Bone and Low Carbohydrate Vegetables from USDA Certified ingredient sources. K-9 Kraving products do not contain any preservatives, sugar, dyes, cereal grains, fillers or chemicals.  And the dogs love them!

Sam's Yams is made from 100% sweet potato, Sam’s Yams™ are totally digestible and an excellent nutritional chew, far superior to many other health treats in any nutritional comparison. Sam’s Yams™ products contain no wheat gluten—a substance most dogs (50%) are allergic to—or other additives. Veterinarians recommend our product because it ishypo-allergenic; it does not cause allergies in dogs. Compare the ingredient in Sam’s Yams™ with other products’ ingredient lists!

Founders of the Dogzymes and Nature’s Farmacy Products, this company is dedicated to the dog community with all their natural products that really work and truly support our animals good health.  We continue to add their product line to ours as they are an incredible resource.

Listed below are only a few of our featured companies.  Please see/refer to Product Pricing for more details.